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FEM Analysis

Tecnomotive offers the possibility to study the mechanical and the thermal behavior of your complex engineering system; a brief description of the kind of analyses we are able to perform is presented below.


Structural analysis: with this kind of simulation it is possible to compute the stress state and the displacements of a loaded structure (typical applications: mechanical components, frames, vacuum chambers)
Thermal analysis: we are able to simulate the thermal behavior of your complex engineering system considering the three heat transfer modes: conduction, convection and thermal radiation (typical applications: furnaces, heat exchangers, heating devices, insulating devices, water-cooled chambers or devices).
Coupled thermal-structural analysis: temperature gradients and thermal expansion/contraction are sometimes able to compromise the regular mechanical functioning of a system; in this case it is very important to control in an accurate way this kind of phenomena.


For every one of the analysis type listed above we can offer different levels of complexity: from simple linear steady state simulations to complex non-linear transient analyses.