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Custom Instruments for Science and Technology

Below a brief list of Tecnomotive realizzations.

• Plasma sputtering chamber

This special chamber is used for special coating in the microelectronic industry. (Tecnomotive mechanical design)


• In vacuum multi target positioning holder (INFN-Garfield experiment)

This multi-target holder permit the vertica positioning and the rotation of the target under beam. The holding and the releasing of the target is completely automatic; that permit to change until eight targets avoiding long vacuum setup operations.

(Tecnomotive mechanical-electrical design and construction)


• Scattering chamber (Lund University)

In the images above a 3D cad rappresentation and the construction just tested.

(Tecnomotive mechanical design and construction)



• Lu.Sia scattering chamber (Lund University)

The vacuum assembly include a 2 mm thickness sferic vacuum chamber with inside a mechanic-PCB adjustable frame that involves four square double-sided silicon-strip detectors mounted in a box, each with 32x32 strips, and one circular detector with 32 rings and 64 sectors, which can be placed in the backward or forward direction.

(Tecnomotive mechanical-electric design and construction)



• Rotational reaction chamber (INFN-Prisma experiment)

The double concentric chamber allow the rotation of 95 degrees between the inside and outside cilindres body during vacuum operations. The impact between the ion beam and the target placed in the center of the chamer produce some reactions who will be detected from the Prisma revelator at different angles.

(Tecnomotive mechanical design)